Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Buy for 30 October

Buy for this week:
Banana - 48 boxes of bobbys (one pack ea)
Tomatoes - 36 crates of vine tomatoes (500g ea approx)
Broccoli - 29 crates (one head ea)
Carrot - 28 crates (.7kg approx ea)
Grapefruit - 46 boxes (imported pink flesh. 1kg ea approx)
Potato - 71 paper bags (one 2kg bag ea)
Onions - 18 bags (approx .5kg ea) - Sorry, no pre pack bags
Grapes - 72 crates (approx 1 bag ea)

Also purchased the potatoes you ordered. No 5kg bags unfortunately so you'll
need to repack.
2 x 10kg Ilam Hardy (In crates not bags. You'll have 5kg spare)
2 x 10kg Rua (You'll have 5kg spare)
3 x 10kg Van Rosa


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