Thursday, 14 November 2013

Green Sheet 1# - 13 November

To         Distribution Centres about the organisation of CSFVC and “Replacing Mike” 
From    Elaine on 13/11/13

At last Wednesday’s F&V meeting I offered to pull together some kind of action plan based on the ideas that had been expressed in the meeting. I have since talked with Mike and Cherylan about all this.

The following is a brief summary of ideas that are emerging around the topic of “replacing Mike.” These notes will be on the agenda for the meeting at the Packing Centre today. Slight changes might be made as a result of discussions today and the adjusted notes will then go onto our Blog.  Please discuss them in your Centres. If your Centre has any questions or concerns about any of the ideas please raise them on Facebook or bring them to the next Packing day on 20/11/13.

1.    Mike is irreplaceable therefore we need to work together to cover all the things he does for the Coop.

2.    We must work smart:
  • efficiently,
  • cautiously,
  • collaboratively

3.    We need to form working groups around key activities and big questions. The working groups will bring recommendations to Coop meetings for ratification.

4.    We need a legal entity /administration working group

5.    The shop is working well apart from teething problems; we have a shop team so no working group is needed. 

6.    A packing centre working group needs to deal with all the Wednesday morning organisation. 
7.    A communications working group will clarify how ideas can be shared and discussed.  This is important so that our members can work together so that we remain an organisation that can adapt to changing pressures through efficient and inclusive collaboration.  

Note – just trying to clarify the language used above, do we agree that:
  • CSFVC is made up of Distribution Centres – each Distribution Centre has one vote.
  • People who belong to Distribution Centres are members of their Distribution Centres.
  • Working groups and teams are made up of members of various Distribution Centres who are working on specific activities in the interests of the society.

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