Thursday, 21 November 2013

Green sheet #2 - 20 November Communications, the shop, and our organisation

1. Green sheets contain important updates, information and requests for Distribution Centres and people who are doing specific tasks in the interests of CSFVC. They will appear on and also be on display and handed out at the Packing Centre each Wednesday morning. Please discuss on Facebook (or in other ways and then ensure key ideas gets through to the right people).

2. ABOUT the internet. You do not need to be into computing, blogs and facebook etc. to be a member of a Distribution Centre. The bottom line is that (1) each Centre must to be able to put their orders into the system correctly by using TradeGecko and (2) at least one person per Centre must have access to the Internet and be able to read the blog and use Facebook.

3. FROM THE SHOP: Order herb plants this week: Thanks to Chch Sth Community Gardens we have 300 mint plants, 100 parsley plants and 100 chive plants to give away next week. Distribution Centres: Please order what you would like through the shop. Note that we CANNOT guarantee that you will get what you want – but we will share them out as fairly as we can when we know what the actual orders are.

4. FROM THE SHOP: Ordering through the shop: Adrienne and Laurelle really need everyone to fill out their orders correctly in TradeGecko. This week there will be a Facebook page set up especially for the shop so that those people who do the ordering can check stuff out there. We need to know the email address for each person who does the ordering so that we can contact people easily.

5. ABOUT THE SHOP: email address: for questions, suggestions, comments etc. The shop team have done a magnificent job getting up to speed – congratulations to Adrienne, Laurelle, and Theresa.

6. PLANNING the ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE: We need at least one member of each Distribution Centre to be aware of planning about how this organisation will operate. The diagram on the back of this page is a summary of one possible way of organising ourselves.

7. REQUEST: The yellow form that came from the packing shed with this green sheet asks for information about who to contact about what, and how. Please fill it in and return it in any one of the ways suggested. Coordinators, please forward the info asap.

Thanks everyone

Elaine Mayo (Secretary of Addington Action in Transition)
Ph 332 5902 or 021 993259 or

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