Thursday, 14 November 2013

Packing Centre News for 13 November

Kia ora koutou

I'm Elaine from Manuka reporting in on news from the Packing Centre yesterday.

(1) Thanks to everyone - we had a great day yesterday. We had three people sharing Mike's organiser role (Jonny outdoors, Cherylan indoors and me on communication and anything else that came up). That system seemed to work well so we will stick with it for next week.

(2) Mint and parsley plants can be ordered through the shop next week (20/11/13) and collected the following week. There will be no charge for these. They another example of how Mike's planning is designed to support self-sufficiency. We cannot guarantee that everyone will get what they request because 500 plants have been ordered and we currently pack more 700 orders) but we are hoping there will be enough for everyone who wants them.

(3) Help please: CSFVC has bought a shed which needs to be assembled at the Packing Centre next Wednesday morning. Need a couple of helpers from 8am to help Mike. Tools supplied.

(4) Ongoing developments and discussions. The green sheet that was given out to each Distribution Centre yesterday is an update and progress report on current ideas. Please see the FaceBook page for discussion - one important thing is that we would like to know who is interested in being on the working groups. I will start a discussion threads around this - or if you have any other suggestions, offers, requests or issues. If you are not using FaceBook please make contact with me directly (details below).

(5) Emerging issues and questions about ways of working. Lots of ideas were shared yesterday: concerns, suggestions, questions, offers. I plan to put out another "green sheet" next week to update us all. The main concerns to do with the Packing Centre yesterday were fairly minor teething problems that the "Packing Centre Working Group" can sort during the week. They include: a) whether different Distribution Centres were doing their fair share of work and whether some individuals had jobs that were too big or went on for too long, (b) whether there were too many bosses, sometimes with conflicting instructions and (c) how we were going to ensure that all the supplies we need are in stock.

My contact details are:
text: 021993259
phone: 03 3325902

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