Monday, 11 November 2013

Replacing Mike! Impossible - but this is the plan for Wednesday :)

Hi, Everyone, kia ora koutou, Elaine here.

 I had a big chat with Mike today, and Cherylan, Johnny and I have talked about some details and we have a plan. This week we will share the job Mike usually does and Mike will be around to watch and help us out if necessary.

 It will be business as usual on Wednesday, but with a slightly different way of dealing with the notices at 9:00am (or thereabouts). We will update folk who are there this week about what has happened in the last week and we will be explaining some ideas about how CSFVC might work in the future.

The ideas discussed will then be posted in this blog and will also be emailed to Coordinators later in the day. This will give groups the opportunity to discuss ideas using FaceBook or face-to-face in their Distribution Centres.

The aim is to avoid having evening meetings by gradually developing a way of networking so that ideas are discussed openly and shared efficiently.


  1. Ok - someone needs to show me how to put paragraphs into this blog!

  2. Press the enter key when ever you want to start a new line. Press twice to create an empty line.

  3. Like the idea of avoiding evening meetings as I always feel bad not making them!!