Monday, 23 December 2013

Orders for 8 January 2014

There are 203 orders from 9 of the 22 CSFVC distribution centres for fruit and veggies.

All of the orders were submitted via the new on-line shop on TradeGecko. The orders were processed by Co-op Shop Managers Adrienne, Laurell & Teresa.

A purchase order generated by TradeGecko was then emailed to Craig Dixon, the buyer for the co-ops in Christchurch.

17 Bower Ave
21 Burnham
07 Comcare Addington
00 Discovery 
44 Eureka St
14 Hoon Hay Presbyterian
00 Manuka Cottage at Church Sq
00 Opawa Baptist
00 Reformed Church in Hornby
00 Riccarton Community Church
28 Rolleston
00 Rowley Resource Centre
20 Salvation Army Sydenham
00 Spreydon Baptist Cobham Hall
00 Spreydon School
00 St Mary's Heathcote
38 Tennyson St
00 Te Puawaitanga
00 Waltham Cottage
00 Waltham Youth Trust
14 West Spreydon School
203 Total

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Green Sheet #7 Christmas Edition 18/12/13

Dear Coordinators:     Very best wishes for the festive season to you, your hubs and families.

Thanks for your work and support for CSFVC. We have a lot of work to do in the next few months. See the attached summary of last week's planning meeting which touches on lots of the issues we will be working on over the summer.

Special thanks to those Distribution Centres and individuals that?are working on key projects for us: *the shop team at Rolleston, *those individuals who at are the backbone of the Packing Centre (Tennyson St and related groups in particular, and Hoon Hay),?and all those working in the background with Addington Action, and on sorting out our constitution and future ways of working.

We need help urgently. We need to keep working over the summer but the help does not need to come from you personally .    PLEASE: - Check whether any of your members have some time to help over the next month or so. We are not asking for anything major from any one person. We are asking for:

1. A contact person for your group so we can ask questions or seek feedback either by phone or on facebook. Conversations will be ongoing as we sort out ideas so this person (or people) needs to be able to check in every few days.

2. Volunteers from your group (or their friends and relations) to help with this work. This is a great opportunity to get involved in an activity that is really helping our communities. We need all sorts of help at different times.? Do you have someone your group who could get to know about the skills people have to offer? Maybe an elderly person has knowledge we can use. Perhaps a babyboomer who is retiring would like an interesting project. Perhaps a youth wants to find a voluntary activity to add to a CV.  We need to widen our network of support.

Please email [email protected] or ring Elaine (332 5902 or 021 993 259) about these two requests.

Orders for next year. 
* Distribution Hubs that have orders for 8 January need to post them onto TradeGecko tomorrow, 19 December.
* All others need to post them, as usual, on the Thursday prior to the Wednesday you collect the fruit and veges.  If this is a problem, talk directly to the folk in the Shop ([email protected]). 

* If your hub has herb orders outstanding please negotiate with Christine or Elaine during the packing time tomorrow.  We will sort what we can.  Remember they are a gift.  Hopefully we can all be happy. 

Green Sheets

* Green sheets will continue to appear on Wednesdays starting 8 Jan and there may be some additional ones if we want feedback on emerging ideas.  If you did not receive #6 by email please contact [email protected] to get on the mailing list.  Comments on ideas in Green Sheets are important ? they help us shape our future ? please ping them to "info" or into FaceBook.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Buy for 18 December

Hi Elaine etc

Coop buy for delivery tomorrow:
Banana 22 (1 pack ea)
Apples 36 (around 1kg ea)
Oranges 33 (around 1kg ea)
Broccoli 26 (1 ea)
Onion 21 (around 700g ea)
Courgette 17 (around 500g ea)
Plums 32 (around 500g ea)
Tomatoes 33 (1 pack ea)
Mango 47 (1ea)
Carrot 44 (1 bunch ea)

Happy Christmas and well done for all that hard work during 2013!

Cheers for now

Monday, 16 December 2013

Green Sheet #6 Brief Report on Council Planning Meeting 12/12/13

Very useful meeting - disappointing turn out - the group clarified lots of things including:

* There is a lot of work to be done over the summer.  We need to be able to form working groups that will work together on things like: (1) figuring out our constitution (which makes us a legal entity), our rules (which we must all abide by) and our policies (which guide the ways we work together) (2) clarifying all sorts of operational details related to things like (a) health and safety (b) finance and supplies (c) details around the operation of the Packing Centre (d) whether and how we bring in other produce.  This work needs to involve members who are NOT already linked into planning within our organisation.

* We need each Distribution (Hub)1 to realise that simply organising weekly orders and the volunteers for the Packing Centre does is not enough to run a Cooperative organisation like this.  We need each Distribution Hub to take on some responsibilities for the organisation as a whole.  (Green sheet 7, next Wednesday will ask each hub for support and we are also posting information about this to each member of the collective who has ordered this week.) 

* Not all Hubs organise themselves the same way.  Some have a small number of people doing a lot of the work because their members are not able to help or simply because it suits them.  Other hubs organise themselves around rosters and sometimes run into problems because members disappear just before their rostered slots.  Hubs can organise themselves as they like as long as they fit within the Constitution, Rules and Policies of CSFVC. 

* People at the meeting:  We appointed Brian as our Transitional Chair, Chris took formal minutes Karen is our treasurer.  She and Teresa are able to sign cheques/make payments.  We will arrange for Brian to also have that right.  Elaine continues to coordinate our activities in consultation with Brian and everyone.  Keith, Janet, Hugh, Paulette made up the rest of the group.  Nine out of 22 distribution centres were represented (with Hugh representing three).

* Supporting new Packing Centres:  Three Hubs from Opawa are leaving us to form a new Packing Centre.  This is a good thing because it will allow both us and them to grow and therefore support more families in getting cheap and varied fruit and veges.  We supported the idea that the portion of our accumulated funds that has been accrued by these hubs should go to them to help set up their organisation.  This would apply ONLY to hubs that are setting up NEW packing centres.  This motion will come to Council (a) as a principle and then (b) in detail for the Opawa groups when we know more about the finances of CSFVC (Addington Action is still working on details).

Friday, 13 December 2013

Orders for 18 December

There are 647 orders from 20 of the 22 CSFVC distribution centres for fruit and veggies.

All of the orders were submitted via the new on-line shop on TradeGecko. The orders were processed by Co-op Shop Managers Adrienne, Laurell & Teresa.

A purchase order generated by TradeGecko was then emailed to Craig Dixon, the buyer for the co-ops in Christchurch.

45 Bower Ave
26 Burnham
09 Comcare Addington
00 Discovery 
50 Eureka St
19 Hoon Hay Presbyterian
50 Manuka Cottage at Church Sq
50 Opawa Baptist
35 Reformed Church in Hornby
46 Riccarton Community Church
32 Rolleston
40 Rowley Resource Centre
28 Salvation Army Sydenham
16 Spreydon Baptist Cobham Hall
09 Spreydon School
15 St Mary's Heathcote
50 Tennyson St
27 Te Puawaitanga
50 Waltham Cottage
20 Waltham Youth Trust
30 West Spreydon School
647 Total

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Green Sheet #5 11/12/13

Routine Matters
1. Herb Plants  Coordinators- please let me know how many herb plants your Distribution Centre was short of when we distributed them earlier ? there will have more plants here next week - plenty of mint and some more parsley and chives. 

2. HELP PLEASE: The shed - As agreed at our last meeting we have bought a kitset shed to store our equipment at our Packing Centre.  We need a small team of workers to collect the shed which is now at Bunnings and erect it in the yard behind the office at Hoon Hay Church. 

3. 2014:   We are back in business on January 8, 2014.  As usual, you will need to have your orders in the previous week.  To those who are regular workers at the Packing Centre - a question - do you see any problems arising in any of your areas?  We can cover everything as long as we can predict our problems.  We will have smaller numbers and fewer volunteers ? no problem!?!

4. The arrival time of the truck:  Canterbury Freight have a problem for the next two weeks because of the Christmas rush.  They will do their best and they will keep Jonny is kept informed about progress.  If they are late again this week we might agree to call volunteers in for 9:15am rather than 9:00am next week.  They will be okay about being earlier in the New Year.

5. CSFVC website:  Did you know that   is the web address for the site where all our notices appear?  Each week Teresa posts information about how many orders each Distribution Center has made and on Tuesdays Craig posts information about what fruit and veges he has bought.  Green sheets also appear on this website. 

CSFVC Council Planning Meeting : 7:30pm Thursday 12 December
at Sydenham Community Centre
All Distribution Centres should be represented if at all possible (We have had a couple of apologies from individuals ? but hopefully someone else from those groups can attend) ? there is one vote per Centre. 
Brian has agreed to act as Chair in the interim until we sort out our constitution etc.   The treasurer and signatories will be the same as for Addington Action in the short term. We need a Secretary. 

The meeting will begin with a workshop where we clarify current ideas and questions ? the diagram on the back of this sheet gives some idea of how CSFVC as a whole operates and involves us all as part of a complex organisation.  Any points raised in the Green Sheets can also be explored.   The workshop will develop recommendations that will be taken to business meeting which follows it. 

The business meeting will follow the workshop.   We aim to finish at 9:00 pm. 
How it all works: 

The CSFVC Council Planning Meeting : 
We will (1) resolve as many matters as we can on the night and (2) identify working groups to report to our next meeting with clear recommendations on other issues.

Contact details:  Elaine can be contacted [email protected]   OR   phone 027 210 5042
OR   Message Elaine on Facebook OR home phone 332 5902

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Buy for 11 December

Hi all

Here's today's buy:
Bananas - 47 boxes (Bobby - 1 pack ea)
Pumpkin - 20 crates (Grey - cut into thirds)
Cherry Tomatoes - 35 crates (1 punnet ea)
Hydro lettuce - 58 (1 ea)
Pak Choi - 34 crates (.5kg approx ea)
Strawberries - 24 crates (I punnet ea)
Nectarines - 35 boxes (.5kg approx ea)

Also, a bin of oranges. These will be charged variously on your delivery and
invoice sheet but it is 1 bin of oranges. You'll need to break these bags
open. Each weighs 1.5 kg
Oranges - 1 bin (.6kg approx ea)

NB: The nectarines are pretty well ripe and ready to eat. As usual, because
I'm buying at the ripe and affordable end, check all fruit carefully. May
need to toss the occasional item.


Friday, 6 December 2013

Orders for 11 December

There are 689 orders from 20 of the 22 CSFVC distribution centres for fruit and veggies.

All of the orders were submitted via the new on-line shop on TradeGecko. The orders were processed by Co-op Shop Managers Adrienne, Laurell & Teresa.

A purchase order generated by TradeGecko was then emailed to Craig Dixon, the buyer for the co-ops in Christchurch.

36 Bower Ave
27 Burnham
10 Comcare Addington
00 Discovery 
50 Eureka St
23 Hoon Hay Presbyterian
50 Manuka Cottage at Church Sq
50 Opawa Baptist
40 Reformed Church in Hornby
44 Riccarton Community Church
38 Rolleston
45 Rowley Resource Centre
32 Salvation Army Sydenham
19 Spreydon Baptist Cobham Hall
14 Spreydon School
17 St Mary's Heathcote
50 Tennyson St
32 Te Puawaitanga
50 Waltham Cottage
33 Waltham Youth Trust
29 West Spreydon School
689 Total

Green Sheet #4 - 4 December

Wow - what a cooperative crowd we are - thank you to all who have talked with me or texted or emailed me about things to do with the Coop.  By working together we are achieving much. 

1. Addington Action's Transitional committee is meeting at 5pm this evening at 188 Strickland St.  Please note that the coordinators of all Distribution Hubs have been invited to be members of Addington Action.  There is a full General Meeting of Addington Action scheduled for 18 December - same time same place. Let Elaine know if you would like an agenda and more details (**Contact details are below).

2. CSFVC Planning Meeting - Thursday 12 December at Sydenham Community Centre.  All Distribution Hubs should be represented if at all possible (We have had a couple of apologies from individuals - but hopefully someone else from those groups can attend). 
We need to elect some Transitional Office Bearers and an Organisational Planning group who can follow through on the key ideas we agree on at the meeting.  My role is as Transitional Coordinator and I (Elaine) will carry on doing that job until CSFVC Inc (or whatever) is set up as a separate organisation.

We need (1) a Transitional Chair (someone who knows the organisation well and has a wise head). The Chair would be in contact with me and guide my work - we would both collect ideas and information for the good of the group. Please think about who this person (or people - we could have a couple) could be. The transitional chair would not need to be the permanent chair. 

We also need (2) a planning group and a secretary and treasurer (we have some offers from earlier meetings). The planning group will work on the way the organisation will operate in the longer term. We need to look at a possible constitution, clarify our rules, consolidate out ways of communicating, figure out who will join teams to do with ordering supplies we need (eg first aid and bags, and the shed)etc etc. Who is interested in clarifying this stuff? There is no need for a person joining in the planning to be expert in anything - you will learn heaps if you get involved - and no-one will be cornered into doing more than they want to! BUt we do need some careful thinking. This is a collaborative, cooperative effort in which we all support each other.

3. Herb Plants - there has been both confusion and tolerance around herb orders.  More herbs are coming and we should be able to sort things out next week or the one after.  I wonder if we might use the shop to clarify what is still required but I have not had time to talk this over with them - because of the magnificent swapping last week I guess the records of who-needs-what are utterly out of date! 

4. First aid Course - Gretchen is not well and cannot attend the first aid course she was booked in for on Monday and the following Monday (I think) again, I do not know details ? but if someone else is able to go in her place, then please have a word with me or Karen. 

Addington Action Contacts
** Elaine checks the following as both Secretary and Coordinator for CSFVC transition [email protected]   OR   phone 022 343 0859   OR   Message Elaine on Facebook
OR if you are a landline specialist use my personal landline number 03 3325902

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Buy for 4 December

Hi all...
Buy for tomorrow:

Banana 47 (1 bag ea)
Tomato 36 (1 pack ea)
Lettuce 59 (1 ea)
Broccoli 29 (1 ea)
Carrot 36 (1 bunch ea)
Strawberry 24 (1 punnet ea)
Apricot 35 (.5 kg ea. nb: watch for brown spot!)
Green Capsicum 22 (1 ea)