Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Buy for 11 December

Hi all

Here's today's buy:
Bananas - 47 boxes (Bobby - 1 pack ea)
Pumpkin - 20 crates (Grey - cut into thirds)
Cherry Tomatoes - 35 crates (1 punnet ea)
Hydro lettuce - 58 (1 ea)
Pak Choi - 34 crates (.5kg approx ea)
Strawberries - 24 crates (I punnet ea)
Nectarines - 35 boxes (.5kg approx ea)

Also, a bin of oranges. These will be charged variously on your delivery and
invoice sheet but it is 1 bin of oranges. You'll need to break these bags
open. Each weighs 1.5 kg
Oranges - 1 bin (.6kg approx ea)

NB: The nectarines are pretty well ripe and ready to eat. As usual, because
I'm buying at the ripe and affordable end, check all fruit carefully. May
need to toss the occasional item.


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