Friday, 6 December 2013

Green Sheet #4 - 4 December

Wow - what a cooperative crowd we are - thank you to all who have talked with me or texted or emailed me about things to do with the Coop.  By working together we are achieving much. 

1. Addington Action's Transitional committee is meeting at 5pm this evening at 188 Strickland St.  Please note that the coordinators of all Distribution Hubs have been invited to be members of Addington Action.  There is a full General Meeting of Addington Action scheduled for 18 December - same time same place. Let Elaine know if you would like an agenda and more details (**Contact details are below).

2. CSFVC Planning Meeting - Thursday 12 December at Sydenham Community Centre.  All Distribution Hubs should be represented if at all possible (We have had a couple of apologies from individuals - but hopefully someone else from those groups can attend). 
We need to elect some Transitional Office Bearers and an Organisational Planning group who can follow through on the key ideas we agree on at the meeting.  My role is as Transitional Coordinator and I (Elaine) will carry on doing that job until CSFVC Inc (or whatever) is set up as a separate organisation.

We need (1) a Transitional Chair (someone who knows the organisation well and has a wise head). The Chair would be in contact with me and guide my work - we would both collect ideas and information for the good of the group. Please think about who this person (or people - we could have a couple) could be. The transitional chair would not need to be the permanent chair. 

We also need (2) a planning group and a secretary and treasurer (we have some offers from earlier meetings). The planning group will work on the way the organisation will operate in the longer term. We need to look at a possible constitution, clarify our rules, consolidate out ways of communicating, figure out who will join teams to do with ordering supplies we need (eg first aid and bags, and the shed)etc etc. Who is interested in clarifying this stuff? There is no need for a person joining in the planning to be expert in anything - you will learn heaps if you get involved - and no-one will be cornered into doing more than they want to! BUt we do need some careful thinking. This is a collaborative, cooperative effort in which we all support each other.

3. Herb Plants - there has been both confusion and tolerance around herb orders.  More herbs are coming and we should be able to sort things out next week or the one after.  I wonder if we might use the shop to clarify what is still required but I have not had time to talk this over with them - because of the magnificent swapping last week I guess the records of who-needs-what are utterly out of date! 

4. First aid Course - Gretchen is not well and cannot attend the first aid course she was booked in for on Monday and the following Monday (I think) again, I do not know details ? but if someone else is able to go in her place, then please have a word with me or Karen. 

Addington Action Contacts
** Elaine checks the following as both Secretary and Coordinator for CSFVC transition   OR   phone 022 343 0859   OR   Message Elaine on Facebook
OR if you are a landline specialist use my personal landline number 03 3325902

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