Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Green Sheet #3 - 27 November

Packing Centre volunteers — please give this sheet to your Distribution Centre coordinator — it contains important information. It is also on the web at <>

1. Herbs: Chch Sth Community Garden Trust have provided our herbs. They were short of parsley and chives and we have excess mint. This means each Distribution Centre can get the number of plants they ordered. More parsley and chives will be available before Christmas so those who missed getting exactly what they want this week can get them in a fortnight or three weeks.

2. Our transition to an independent organisation:  Elaine has been working with Mike to ensure that there is continuity for CSFVC — she is not replacing him — we all are. She is coordinating the transition. So far we have shown ourselves we can keep the show running. The next big step is to sort out ideas to bring to our next meeting"of "Council" which will be on Thursday 12 December. "Council" is where one person from each Distribution Centre has a vote. Other members of Distribution Centres and people working on particular tasks for CSFVC need to be involved in decision making - but.there is only one vote per Distribution Centre.

3. Planning group: We need a small planning group who will prepare details for us to discuss at our 12 December meeting. This group can also use the FaceBook page to share ideas. A face-to-face meeting of half a dozen or more people could really help sort out what we need to discuss. Suggestions are needed. Who is interested - what needs discussing. Use the FaceBook page this week to get discussion going — maybe some of us could meet somewhere for a chat? Make a suggestion ... Also, we need to identify someone to chair the meeting and sort out an agenda etc.

4. Topics for discussion at the Council meeting include:
• Setting ourselves up as an independent organisation (Incorporated Society?) in the New Year • Consolidating our ways of working (our rules) and identifying issues that need to be addressed
before we become incorporated
• Identifying our interim leaders (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) and working groups (around issues we need to clarify)

5. New faces! Fresh opportunities: We have some great workers who do things for CSFVC every week. We need new faces, we need to rotate jobs, we need to build up lots of experience, we need to build up skills. A cooperative enterprise involves beginners and experienced people working together. Please encourage your members to join in and take part in ways that they are able.

CSFVC Council Meeting
CSFVC Council meeting: Thursday 12 December at Sydenham Community Centre at 7: 30 pm

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