Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Green Sheet #5 11/12/13

Routine Matters
1. Herb Plants  Coordinators- please let me know how many herb plants your Distribution Centre was short of when we distributed them earlier ? there will have more plants here next week - plenty of mint and some more parsley and chives. 

2. HELP PLEASE: The shed - As agreed at our last meeting we have bought a kitset shed to store our equipment at our Packing Centre.  We need a small team of workers to collect the shed which is now at Bunnings and erect it in the yard behind the office at Hoon Hay Church. 

3. 2014:   We are back in business on January 8, 2014.  As usual, you will need to have your orders in the previous week.  To those who are regular workers at the Packing Centre - a question - do you see any problems arising in any of your areas?  We can cover everything as long as we can predict our problems.  We will have smaller numbers and fewer volunteers ? no problem!?!

4. The arrival time of the truck:  Canterbury Freight have a problem for the next two weeks because of the Christmas rush.  They will do their best and they will keep Jonny is kept informed about progress.  If they are late again this week we might agree to call volunteers in for 9:15am rather than 9:00am next week.  They will be okay about being earlier in the New Year.

5. CSFVC website:  Did you know that   is the web address for the site where all our notices appear?  Each week Teresa posts information about how many orders each Distribution Center has made and on Tuesdays Craig posts information about what fruit and veges he has bought.  Green sheets also appear on this website. 

CSFVC Council Planning Meeting : 7:30pm Thursday 12 December
at Sydenham Community Centre
All Distribution Centres should be represented if at all possible (We have had a couple of apologies from individuals ? but hopefully someone else from those groups can attend) ? there is one vote per Centre. 
Brian has agreed to act as Chair in the interim until we sort out our constitution etc.   The treasurer and signatories will be the same as for Addington Action in the short term. We need a Secretary. 

The meeting will begin with a workshop where we clarify current ideas and questions ? the diagram on the back of this sheet gives some idea of how CSFVC as a whole operates and involves us all as part of a complex organisation.  Any points raised in the Green Sheets can also be explored.   The workshop will develop recommendations that will be taken to business meeting which follows it. 

The business meeting will follow the workshop.   We aim to finish at 9:00 pm. 
How it all works: 

The CSFVC Council Planning Meeting : 
We will (1) resolve as many matters as we can on the night and (2) identify working groups to report to our next meeting with clear recommendations on other issues.

Contact details:  Elaine can be contacted   OR   phone 027 210 5042
OR   Message Elaine on Facebook OR home phone 332 5902

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