Monday, 16 December 2013

Green Sheet #6 Brief Report on Council Planning Meeting 12/12/13

Very useful meeting - disappointing turn out - the group clarified lots of things including:

* There is a lot of work to be done over the summer.  We need to be able to form working groups that will work together on things like: (1) figuring out our constitution (which makes us a legal entity), our rules (which we must all abide by) and our policies (which guide the ways we work together) (2) clarifying all sorts of operational details related to things like (a) health and safety (b) finance and supplies (c) details around the operation of the Packing Centre (d) whether and how we bring in other produce.  This work needs to involve members who are NOT already linked into planning within our organisation.

* We need each Distribution (Hub)1 to realise that simply organising weekly orders and the volunteers for the Packing Centre does is not enough to run a Cooperative organisation like this.  We need each Distribution Hub to take on some responsibilities for the organisation as a whole.  (Green sheet 7, next Wednesday will ask each hub for support and we are also posting information about this to each member of the collective who has ordered this week.) 

* Not all Hubs organise themselves the same way.  Some have a small number of people doing a lot of the work because their members are not able to help or simply because it suits them.  Other hubs organise themselves around rosters and sometimes run into problems because members disappear just before their rostered slots.  Hubs can organise themselves as they like as long as they fit within the Constitution, Rules and Policies of CSFVC. 

* People at the meeting:  We appointed Brian as our Transitional Chair, Chris took formal minutes Karen is our treasurer.  She and Teresa are able to sign cheques/make payments.  We will arrange for Brian to also have that right.  Elaine continues to coordinate our activities in consultation with Brian and everyone.  Keith, Janet, Hugh, Paulette made up the rest of the group.  Nine out of 22 distribution centres were represented (with Hugh representing three).

* Supporting new Packing Centres:  Three Hubs from Opawa are leaving us to form a new Packing Centre.  This is a good thing because it will allow both us and them to grow and therefore support more families in getting cheap and varied fruit and veges.  We supported the idea that the portion of our accumulated funds that has been accrued by these hubs should go to them to help set up their organisation.  This would apply ONLY to hubs that are setting up NEW packing centres.  This motion will come to Council (a) as a principle and then (b) in detail for the Opawa groups when we know more about the finances of CSFVC (Addington Action is still working on details).


  1. Why do you refer to the Opawa Groups? - they are actually Waltham Groups not Opawa Groups - they are all based in the Waltham Area not Opawa - the only reference to Opawa is the name of the Baptist Church not it's location, at please can you refer to them correctly as Waltham. Thank You Have a Lovely Christmas

  2. Elaine (Transitional Coordinator)7 January 2014 at 23:40

    Point taken - thanks, Anonymous - I will do better next time. Elaine