Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Buy for 29 January

Hi folks
Co-op buy for tomorrow.

- Yummy pears but a degree of wastage so get a group onto these sorting.
- The calculations below are only rough so ensure you do your own to check
- Cabbages need to be cut in half!

 Banana  20 (1 ea)
 Tomato  15 (around .7kg ea)
 Avocado  8 (3 ea)
 Rockmelon  10 (1 ea)
 Pears  23 (around 1kg ea)
 Plums  20 (around .7kg ea)
 Nectarines  9 (around .5kg ea)
 Cabbage  19 (cut in half)
 Spring Onion 12 (1 bunch ea)

Eat well

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