Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Green Sheet #7 Christmas Edition 18/12/13

Dear Coordinators:     Very best wishes for the festive season to you, your hubs and families.

Thanks for your work and support for CSFVC. We have a lot of work to do in the next few months. See the attached summary of last week's planning meeting which touches on lots of the issues we will be working on over the summer.

Special thanks to those Distribution Centres and individuals that?are working on key projects for us: *the shop team at Rolleston, *those individuals who at are the backbone of the Packing Centre (Tennyson St and related groups in particular, and Hoon Hay),?and all those working in the background with Addington Action, and on sorting out our constitution and future ways of working.

We need help urgently. We need to keep working over the summer but the help does not need to come from you personally .    PLEASE: - Check whether any of your members have some time to help over the next month or so. We are not asking for anything major from any one person. We are asking for:

1. A contact person for your group so we can ask questions or seek feedback either by phone or on facebook. Conversations will be ongoing as we sort out ideas so this person (or people) needs to be able to check in every few days.

2. Volunteers from your group (or their friends and relations) to help with this work. This is a great opportunity to get involved in an activity that is really helping our communities. We need all sorts of help at different times.? Do you have someone your group who could get to know about the skills people have to offer? Maybe an elderly person has knowledge we can use. Perhaps a babyboomer who is retiring would like an interesting project. Perhaps a youth wants to find a voluntary activity to add to a CV.  We need to widen our network of support.

Please email or ring Elaine (332 5902 or 021 993 259) about these two requests.

Orders for next year. 
* Distribution Hubs that have orders for 8 January need to post them onto TradeGecko tomorrow, 19 December.
* All others need to post them, as usual, on the Thursday prior to the Wednesday you collect the fruit and veges.  If this is a problem, talk directly to the folk in the Shop ( 

* If your hub has herb orders outstanding please negotiate with Christine or Elaine during the packing time tomorrow.  We will sort what we can.  Remember they are a gift.  Hopefully we can all be happy. 

Green Sheets

* Green sheets will continue to appear on Wednesdays starting 8 Jan and there may be some additional ones if we want feedback on emerging ideas.  If you did not receive #6 by email please contact to get on the mailing list.  Comments on ideas in Green Sheets are important ? they help us shape our future ? please ping them to "info" or into FaceBook.

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