Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Green Sheet #8 : CSFVC in 2014 : 07/01/14

Notices for the New Year – please read carefully and comment

1. First packing for the year: Nine of the sixteen hubs that are part of CSFVC this year have orders in for this Wednesday – packing continues as usual.

2. We farewell five hubs who are starting up their own packing Centre this year: Opawa Baptist, Waltham, Waltham Youth, St Mary’s Heathcote, and Manuka. (Is this correct?) This means that both we and they will be able to continue to grow.

3. Progress on our Constitution as an Incorporated Society: Brian (our Transitional Chair) and Elaine (Transitional Coordinator) have been discussing details. Elaine has been talking with some of the hubs and seeing how they differ so that the needs of different groups can be in our thinking. We need to clarify our rules for Constitution. Please think about and discuss the implications of the following draft rules.

4. Draft rules around membership and decision making - comments please:

Anyone who belongs to a hub is eligible to be a member of CSFVC: Not everyone who joins a hub needs to join CSFVC Inc but at least three or four people do need to join.

Each hub needs to have at least three or four members of CSFVC who form the Hub’s *Organising Committee. A hub can operate in any way it likes (as long as it is consistent with the rules of CSFVC). Some hubs are working as “cooperatives” where every person takes responsibility. Other hubs are catering for people who have special needs or difficulties or who cannot take on responsibilities for various reasons.

Council is the governance body for CSFVC. Each hub will be represented by one vote at Council. “Governance” refers to setting rules and policies and dealing with any major disputes. Once we are established, Council will need to meet annually for an AGM and more often if a Special General Meeting is required. We will use Green Sheets and FaceBook to consult with the Hubs and work by consensus as much as possible.

Council will elect an *Executive Committees which will address operational issues. This means that the Executive Committee (which could operate as several smaller committees covering: packing centre; health and safety; shop; office etc.) is responsible for running the organisation within the rules and policies set by Council. This is how we are working now!

All hubs will have some responsibility in relation to the *Executive Committee(s). We all need to share the load - and/but it needs to be manageable – we may need more volunteers who can support some hubs who are catering for needy people and struggle to find volunteers.

Footnotes The Green Sheets are a way of sharing what is happening and what ideas are emerging. We are asking each Hub Coordinator to check what is written carefully and comment on anything and everything. Maybe something that is said triggers an idea – or maybe you have an idea or notice something that is missing. Please comment on Facebook contact me directly. I (Elaine) will continue to write the Green Sheets while we are in transition from Addington Action – the *Executive Committee will figure out how communications should happen after that.

* Wherever you see a star beside a word it means that the idea is tentative. Green Sheets are reporting on ideas that are just surfacing. They need to be approved by Council before they become official. The whole structure we are putting in place needs to be approved by Council.

Elaine can be contacted through the shop ([email protected]) or the CSFVC cell phone (027 210 5042) Or personally ([email protected]) or 03 332 5902 or 021 993259

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