Saturday, 11 January 2014

Orders for 15 Janaury

There are 239 orders from 10 of the 21 CSFVC distribution centres for fruit and veggies.

All of the orders were submitted via the new on-line shop on TradeGecko. The orders were processed by Co-op Shop Managers Adrienne, Laurell & Teresa.

A purchase order generated by TradeGecko was then emailed to Craig Dixon, the buyer for the co-ops in Christchurch.

25 Bower Ave
24 Burnham
07 Comcare Addington
00 Discovery 
43 Eureka St
16 Hoon Hay Presbyterian
00 Manuka Cottage at Church Sq
00 Opawa Baptist
00 Reformed Church in Hornby
00 Riccarton Community Church
30 Rolleston
00 Rowley Resource Centre
15 Salvation Army Sydenham
00 Spreydon Baptist Cobham Hall
00 Spreydon School
00 St Mary's Heathcote
46 Tennyson St
21 Te Puawaitanga
00 Waltham Cottage
00 Waltham Youth Trust
12 West Spreydon School
239 Total

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