Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Buy for Delivery 16/4

Hi all

I'm delivering the first issue of 'FEED' to you all today.
Please hand these newsletters out rather than putting them in the bags. They'll crush otherwise. Many thanks

Co-op delivery for tomorrow is:

Tomato 27 (1 punnet ea)
Apple 31 (1kg ea for loose or 1 x 1.5kg bag)
Pear 21 (approx 900g ea)
Carrot 38 (approx 1kg ea for loose or 1 x 1kg bag)
Banana 34 (approx 900g ea)
Broccoli 21 (1 ea)
Silverbeet 20 (approx 500g ea)
Kiwifruit 40 (approx 900g ea)


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