Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Delivery for 21 May

Hello all at Christchurch South

Nice healthy NZ Garlic in the bags this week. Will keep the winter colds away.

Bananas 31 (approx 1kg ea – Note 18kg boxes not our normal 13kg)
Apples 28 (approx 1kg ea – nice standard sized apples in boxes)
Mandarins 18 (approx 700g ea)
Lemons 13 (approx 500g ea)
Butternut Pumpkin 28 (1 each)
NZ Garlic 18 (330g ea)
Chinese cabbage 37 (1 each)

5kg Desiree Potato 30 (sorry, no Rua in 5kg)
5 kg Rocket Potato 1 (sorry, no Ilam Hardy in 5kg) 

NB: If Discovery School (ordered Rua) and Leeston (ordered Ilam Hardy) aren’t happy with the Desiree and Rocket, let me know and I can return.


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