Tuesday, 17 June 2014

For Delivery 18th June

Greetings all
Good variety today. The persimmon come in a single 300kg container. Bit more time unloading sorry but great price and yummy fruit. Slice a hole in the cardboard side and pour into crates = easiest way to unload.

Bananas 33 (approx 1kg ea)
Lemons 15 (approx 500g ea)
Kiwi Gold 20 (approx 800g ea)

Broccoli 21 (1 head ea)
Carrot 20 (approx 700g ea)
Butternut 41 (1 ea)
Potato 76 (1 bag ea)
Apple 30 (approx 800g ea)
Persimmon 1 bin (approx 500g ea)

2 x apple
2 x 5kg Van Rosa potato (1 from last week) - sorry, no Rua
1 x 10kg Rocket potato – sorry, no Ilam Hardy

Go well and stay warm.

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