Tuesday, 15 July 2014

For delivery 16 July

Hi all

A bit of citrus today to keep those colds away. This includes free citrus from Whangarei, care of many folk up there who have a concern for Christchurch.

If at all possible, please take a pic if smiling folk receiving the gift of Whangarei Citrus and forward to me.
If you would like to say thanks to the person who worked hard to organise the citrus, send a message to:
Chris Stephensen

Buy for this week:
Bananas 39 (1 pack ea)
Pumpkin 20 (cut in half)
Red Onion 24 (approx 500g ea)
Kiwifruit 28 (approx 1kg ea)
Apples 28 (approx 700g ea)
Broccoli 23 (1 pack ea)
Kumara 16 (approx 500g ea)
Carrots 20(approx 700g ea)
Mandarins 16 (1 pack ea)

Van Rosa 5kg - 1
Moonlight (no Ilam Hardy) 5kg - 1


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