Tuesday, 29 July 2014

For Delivery 30 July

Hi all
Goodies for this week are:

Bananas 44 (1 pack ea)
Cauli 54 (Cut in half)
Green Kiwi 26 (approx 900g ea)
Yams 23 (approx 500g ea)
Carrots 26 (approx 900g ea)
Butterkin 3 large bins and 3 crates (1 ea)
2kg Potato 81 (1 pack ea)
Apple 35 (approx 900g ea)

5 kg Van Rosa -1
5kg Rocket - 1 (sorry, no Ilam Hardy)

Also...are you interested in poly boxes (see attached pic)  Can deliver to
you free!! First in get them. 100 plus available.



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