Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Business for the AGM on 23/10/14 - changing our rules

Changes to the Rules of CSFVC

We need to make some changes to the Rules of CSFVC at the AGM on 23 October.  The main one is that we need to change the end of our financial year to the end of March.  All the other changes are minor - they do not change our policies - they simply alter the language we use.  For example, instead of the "Executive Committee" we use "Board."  Similarly a "Working Group" will become a "Team".

If you are interested in this kind of detail please read the Changes to the Rules and let us know of any thoughts or suggestions you have about the changes.


Elaine Mayo  (Coordinator/Weaver)

email info@csfvc.org.nz
or see me at the Packing Centre
or phone me on 3325902 or 021993259
or discuss this on Loomio or Facebook)

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