Tuesday, 16 September 2014

For Delivery 17th Sept

Hi all

Co-op buy this week follows. No bananas. There’s a shortage but hope they’ll be back next week.
Grapefruit in today’s pack. I know there are a few folk who can’t eat it but they might like to perhaps gift it to a neighbour or swap with another Co-op member. It’s yummy pink fruit from OZ. 

You should also have the second issue of ‘FEED’ for distribution. There are two recipes in the mag’. No separate recipe from CPH this week.

Grapefruit – 49 (approx 1 kg ea)
Carrot – 28 (approx 900g ea)
Beetroot – 18 (approx 500g ea)
Silver beet – 69 (1 sleeve ea)
Kiwifruit gold/sweet – 30 (approx 1 kg ea)
Cucumber – 18 (1 ea)
Apples – 39 (approx 1 kg ea)
Oranges – 35 (approx 1 kg ea)

1 Apple
1 Van Rosa 5kg
1 Banana


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