Tuesday, 28 October 2014

For Delivery 29 October

Hello all

This week's buy for the Co-op consists of:

Bananas 50 (approx 1kg ea)
Kiwi Green 22 (approx 650g ea)
Apples 26 (800g ea)
Broccoli 27 (1 head ea)
Asparagus 14 (approx 250g ea)
Tangelo 33 (approx 1kg ea)
Cabbage 42 (cut in half. Half ea)
Tomato 39 (approx 600g ea)

1 x 10kg Van Rosa
1 x box of Apples
1 x box of Bananas
Eat well!

Cheers for now


Saturday, 25 October 2014

Orders for 29th October

There are 642 orders from 17 of the 17 CSFVC distribution centres for fruit and veggies.

All of the orders were submitted via the new on-line shop on TradeGecko. The orders were processed by Co-op Shop Managers Adrienne, Laurell & Teresa.

A purchase order generated by TradeGecko was then emailed to Craig Dixon, the buyer for the co-ops in Christchurch

29 Bower Ave
18 Burnham
17 Comcare Addington

10 Discovery
60 Eureka St
14 Hei Hei
48 Hoon Hay Presbyterian

50 Leeston 
53 Reformed Church in Hornby
105 Riccarton Community Church
38 Rolleston + 10kg Van Rosa Potatoes

42 Rowley Resource Centre 
30 Salvation Army Sydenham
17 Spreydon Baptist Cobham Hall 
13 Spreydon School + 1 box of Apples, 1 box of Bananas  60 Tennyson St
38 West Spreydon School 

642 Total

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

For Delivery 22nd October

Morning all
Co-op buy for this week is:
Banana 46 (1 pack ea)
Cauliflower 85 (1 ea)
Carrot 34 (approx 700g ea)
Pumpkin 23 (cut in half - half ea)
Apple 35 (approx 950g ea)
Spring Onion 27 (1 ea)
Capsicum 7 (1 ea)
Mandarin 30 (approx 900g ea)
Orange 19 (approx  570g ea)

1 Banana
1 Apple

Cheers for now


Monday, 20 October 2014

Distribution Centres

Thanks to Teresa for keeping the Distribution Centres page up to date.  I think it could be really helpful if email addresses were included.  Please, Hub Coordinators, check your entry here http://www.csfvc.org.nz/p/distribution-centres.html and let us know if you are happy to have your email address added - and if so which one! 

Just add a comment below this post.  Thanks

How it works

We are gradually working through the pages on the left of this Blog and updating them.  Some of them are so old that they still refer to Addington Action!   Everyone is welcome to comment on what is out of date and what needs to be here.  Today Elaine has updated "How it works".  Comments are welcome - especially from Adrienne and Laurelle at the shop, and Karen and Teresa who also have weekly jobs to do - have I got it right?