Tuesday, 18 November 2014

For Delivery 19th Nov

Hi all
Here are your goodies to be delivered tomorrow. Nothing to cut you'll be
pleased to see.

Potatoes, 87 outers crates of 8 count 2kg gourmet. 1 ea
Onions, 59 crates of 12 count 1.5kg. 1 ea
Apples, 30 crates of 18kg.
Pears, 28 crates of 20kg.
Green Kiwi, 35 boxes of of 20kg.
Tomatoes, 35 crates of 20 count. 1 ea
Asparagus, 15 crates of 12kg.
Bananas, 46 boxes of 13kg.
Lettuce, 47 crates of 15. 1 head ea

Banana 1 x 13kg
Apple 1 x 28kg

Go well!
Cheers for now


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