Tuesday, 6 January 2015

For delivery for 7th Jan

Happy New Year all and welcome to the first buy of 2015.

I was hoping to secure stone-fruit but the prices at market are way up
there. Due to short supply through growers being on holiday and the long
weekend. Hopefully we'll be into something in the plum, peach, nectarine and
apricot line soon.

Happy packing.

Purchased for delivery Wednesday:

Broccoli - 11 crates with 30 in each
Silver beet - 21 crates with 15 sleeves in each
Cucumber - 7 crates with 50 in each
Strawberries - 12 crates with 30 in each (purchased an extra crate because
there will be a little bit of wastage)
Courgette - 15 crates with 15kg is each
Bananas - 21 boxes with 15 packs in each
Kiwifruit - 16 crates with 20 packs in each
Tomatoes - 9 crates with 15kg in each

Until next week.


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