Tuesday, 10 February 2015

For Delivery 11 Feb 2015

Hi all

Here's the list of goodies based on your order for 537...

Tomato - 18 crates of 14kg 
Cucumber - 14 crates of 40 count 
Courgette - 16 crates of 15kg 
Gala Apples - 22 crates of 18kg 
Onions - 18 bags of 20kg 
Bananas - 37 boxes of 15 count 
Cos lettuce - 37 crates of 15 
Rock Melon - 31 crates of 18 count 
Golden flesh peaches - 27 trays of 12kg 

Corn 36 crates of 30.
These are FREE to you. There may be a little dehydration in some but they're fine eating and at no cost. Might pay to perhaps send them on to your distribution points in bulk so they can be given out in addition and told that these are at no cost, rather than placed in bags. There are enough for two each.

Go well!
Cheers for now

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