Tuesday, 21 April 2015

For Delivery 22nd April 2015

Hi Guys new format now so hopefully I put enough info in for you

Onions - 44 crates of 12x 1.5kg bags 1 each
Broccoli - 21 crates of 25 count 1 each
Cucumber – 14 crates of 40 count 1 each
Potatoes – 53 crates of 10x 2kg bags 1 each
Apples – 60 crates of 12 kg Approx 1.4 kg each
Bananas – 30 crates of 18 kg Approx 1 kg each
Tomatoes – 28 crates of 15x 700g bags 1 each
Have a great week


  1. Brilliant, Teresa - this is slightly more work for you and we need to build in a check (which Lee-Anne is doing) to make sure all is listed - we also had 5 crates of tomatoes this week so some orders had loose tomatoes - so this list was fine for knowing what goes in packs but more details is needed for the Packing Centre.

    Thanks heaps


  2. I forgot to ask what you thought about the new way of listing things - okay for you?