Tuesday, 28 July 2015

For Delivery 29th July 2015

Hello all

Goodies due for delivery tomorrow morning are:

Leeks - 20 crates of 30 count
Shangai - 29 crates of 10kg
Bananas - 39 boxes of 15 count bobby packs
Oranges - 29 crates of 18kg navel
Kiwifruit - 29 crates of 20kg
Parsnip - 24 crates of 25 count pre-packs
Apples - 29 crates of 18kg
Broccoli - 24 crates of 25 count.

PLUS!!! Later this week a consignment of citrus will arrive from the good folk of Whangarei. Collected by the Lions Club through the generosity of locals, this fruit will be available for distribution probably next week.
I'll be in with details when they come to hand. Packing Hubs may need to collect from a city location.

Cheers for now

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