Tuesday, 25 August 2015

For Delivery 26th Aug 2015

Hello all
Loaded more on the veg than the fruit this week so you may like to pop one of the veg items in the fruit bag. Good bulk of market fresh goodies!
Produce to arrive this week consists of:
Lettuce - 29 crates of 20 count
Potatoes - 73 outers each containing 8 bags of 2kg
Cauliflower - 58 crates of 10 count
Parsnip - 19 crates of 20kg
Swede - 29 bags of 20 count
Oranges - 23 crates of 20kg
Apples - 29 crates of 18kg
Kiwi Gold - 72 boxes of 6kg

Good pacing.

Cheers for now

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