Tuesday, 15 September 2015

For Delivery 16th Sept 2015

Hello all
I’m pleased to report the return of bananas. They’re more expensive than before due to a post shortage jump in price and the lowering of the NZ dollar.
A good number of lemons also to keep away the winter/spring colds. They’re in 2 small crates so a wee bit of work to get them int crates and inside. Half price in the bins however.And a wee challenge - what can you create with beetroot? (Yummy roasted!)

Goodies arriving this week:
Carrots - 19 crates of 20kg
Beetroot - 28 crates of 14kg
Celery - 36 crates of 16 count
Cabbage - 114 crates of 5 count
Apples -38 boxes of 12.5kg
Kiwi Green - 19 crates of 20kg
Lemons - 2 bins of 300kg
Bananas - 33 boxes of 18kg

Cheers for now

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