Tuesday, 20 October 2015

For Delivery 21 Oct 2015

Following please find the fruit & veg order for this week.
Good deal of bulk in the greens department so you may like to consider placing the lettuce i with the fruit this week.
There may be the odd orange to discard Sourced these for .90c kg vs NZ at $1.30kg.
Hoping to source some new seasonal produce next week. Perhaps courgette and or capsicum. The tomato season is starting to pick up.
Carrots and onions have recently increased in price. Onions by 3x!

Lettuce - 47 crates of 12 count
Spinach - 37 crates of 15 count
Cauliflower - 56 crates of 10 count
Oranges - 28 crates of 20kg
Tomatoes - 14 crates of 14kg
Bananas - 25 boxes of 18kg
Apples - 40 trays of 12.5kg

Happy packing!

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