Tuesday, 6 October 2015

For Delivery 7 Oct 2015

Hi folks
I did send an email with this info at around 8.00am this morning but it apparently went into cyber-space. I hope this arrives!

So...tomorrow you should receive:

Silver beet – 38 crates of 15 sleeves
Cauliflower – 70 crates of 8 count
Carrots – 34 crates of 14kg
Apples – 37 boxes of 12.5kg (Red Braeburn)
Oranges (NZ) - 18 crates of 20kg
Bananas – 40 boxes of 13kg
Gold Kiwi – 20 crates of 20kg

I also have a number of ‘foodtogether’ caps/aprons and hi-viz vests for folk which I will deliver to your AGM this Thursday.

Happy packing.

Cheers for now

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