Tuesday, 17 November 2015

For Delivery 18th Nov 2015

Morning all
The following produce will arrive tomorrow morning for packing:

Oranges (NZ) - 34 crates of 20kg. NB: these range in size. You will need to keep an eye out when packing and adjust where required. 
Tangelo – 2 crates of 20 kg (to mix in with the oranges)
Silver Beet – 39 crates of 15 count.
Tomatoes – 38 crates of 14kg
Cucumber – 15 crates of 40 count
Bananas – 28 boxes of 18kg
Apples – 32 boxes of 18kg
Leeks – 29 crates of 20 count

Regarding last week’s oranges. MG’s will be crediting half. They will do this by recharging the full number supplied at half price (from $20 down to $10). They will also charge you for the extra 15 that I delivered to make up for those you weren’t able to use. Should all appear in this week’s invoice I think.

Cheers for now

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