Tuesday, 5 January 2016

For Delivery Jan 2016

Happy New Year!!
It’s exciting to be back into fruit & veg when summer seasonal produce is picking up.
Peaches and nectarines appear in this week’s packs, along with courgette and radish.

Tomorrow’s delivery will consist of:
Courgette - 7 crates of 20kg. Sizes range so grab a good team to sort as you fill bags
Carrots - 16 crates of 16 bunches
Radish - 9 crates of 30 bunches
Lettuce - 21 crates of 12 count
Tomatoes - 13 rates of 14kg
Bananas- 17 boxes of 15 packs (Bobbys)
Nectarines - 18 oxen of 10kg
Peaches - 18 crates of 10kg

Happy packing

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