Sunday, 20 March 2016

Joining the fruit and vegetable cooperative

Overview  You pay a week in advance and collect your produce on a Wednesday - and you sometimes help by working within our community.

This is not a charity - it is a cooperative where everyone helps.  We welcome everyone as customers and volunteer helpers.  The fruit and vegetables we distribute and the costs of getting them packed and distributed are covered by the fact that you pay a week in advance of receiving your order.  We do not pay anyone for the work at the Packing Centre or in our Neighbourhood Distribution Hubs.  This is why we expect you to help in some way, either by working at the Packing Centre on a Wednesday morning, or helping out at your distribution hub, or supporting our community in some other way.

If you would like to join us then either 
(1) figure out where your nearest neighbourhood hub is and contact the coordinator directly.  The full list of distribution centres is here

(2) email us at and include some information about where you live and your phone number and we will make contact with you.  If you are using this option, please also let us know *if you are able to use Internet Banking and *whether you are able to help on Wednesday morning.  This information will help us sort out which Hub would suit you.


(3) Phone Elaine on 3325902 or 021 993259

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