Tuesday, 12 April 2016

For Delivery 13th April 2016

Greetings all
Kale is on the menu again. We’ve only had this once before I think. The plastic sleeve features recipe information so don’t throw it away. I tried ‘Kale chips’ last time and found them to be yummy. A great way to get something healthy and nutritious into your diet. Don’t forget to check out the ‘Foodtogether’ Facebook page where we’ll feature other ways to use Kale. 

Produce List:
Gourmet Potatoes - 57 ‘outers' each containing 8 x 2kg bags
Kale - 46 crates of 10 count
Broccoli -23 crates of 20 count
Bananas - 26 crates of 18kg
Apples - 26 crates of 18kg (Red Braeburn)
Oranges - 21 boxes of 19kg (imported Navel)
Courgette - 15 crates of 15kg

A wee aside. Check out this link discussing possible future vegetable and flower shortages on the STUFF news website:

Premium Box Produce List:
Gourmet Potatoes, peacherines, Pears, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, apples, oranges, bananas, courgette, kale, spring onions and sprouts.

Happy eating.

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