Tuesday, 19 April 2016

For Delivery 20th April 2016

Morning all
The following produce will be delivered tomorrow:
Cabbage (halves wrapped) -19 crates of 24 count
Pumpkin (Grey) - 25 crates of 18 count
Corn - 44 crates of 30 count
Bananas - 25 boxes of 18kg
Apples (Red Braeburn) - 25 crates of 18kg
Pears (small Winter Cole) - 22 crates of 20kg
Tomatoes - 14 crates of 15kg
Cucumber - 11 crates of 40 count

Folk might like to access an article entitled “Praise the Humble Cabbage’ in today’s Press (Section A10). Cabbages have a number of health promoting properties, namely sulforaphane which studies indicate is protective against many cancers. Dr Libby, writer of the article, also points out the cabbage, a very versatile vegetable (can be eaten cooked and raw) also contains vitamin C and is a very good source of manganese.

Happy eating

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