Tuesday, 31 May 2016

For Delivery 1st June 2016

Morning healthy eaters
This week you’ll enjoy pineapples imported especially for the Foodtogether Packing Hubs.
The following will join these pineapples in a veritable delight of delicious fresh produce:

Lettuce (probably the last for the season) - 39 crates of 12 count
Celery (for those winter soups. Also yummy raw with peanut butter or cream cheese) - 39 crates of 12 count
Kumara (red) - 15 crates of 20kg
Oranges (imported) - 51 boxes of 18kg
Carrots - 13 crates of 20kg
Pineapples - 47 boxes of 10 count
Bananas - 26 boxes of 18kg


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