Tuesday, 24 May 2016

For delivery 25th May 2016

Morning all
Produce arriving tomorrow includes:
Cabbage - 46 crates of 10 count
Spinach - 31 crates of 15 count 
Broccoli - 19 crates of 25 count
Mandarins - 15 crates of 20kg
Green Kiwi - 15 crates of 20kg
Butternut pumpkin - 31 crates of 30 count (Small - 2 each)
Bananas - 26 boxes of 18kg
Apples - 2 bins of 300kg 

Opportunity: There are a number of large Australian watermelon available. The price is heavily reduced because they have a small amount of softness on the stem. The fruit is absolutely fine. The fruit can’t be cut before sale so folk need to purchase a whole melon. They range in size from around 5-7kg per melon. You would need to sell them for .70c kg to cover costs. Let me know by 1.00pm today if you would like any ( 2 sometimes 3 melons per crate).


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