Tuesday, 7 June 2016

For Delivery 8th June 2016

Morning all
Persimmon appear in this week’s packs. They are a very tasty fruit. Lovely to eat at any stage of ripeness. Some folk like them super soft, scooped from the flesh, other close to crunchy. They’re ready to eat now, simply peel and enjoy!.

Arriving this week you’ll find the following:

Leeks - 18 crates of 25 count
Oranges (imported - 24 boxes of 18kg
Bananas - 21 boxes of 18kg
Pineapples - 45 boxes of 10 count
Butterkin - 30 crates of 15 count
Onions - 37 crates of 12 x 1.5kg bags
Potatoes (Gourmet) - 56 outers of 8 x 2kg bags
Persimmon - 1 350kg bin

Happy eating

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