Tuesday, 16 August 2016

For Delivery 17th Aug 2016

Morning all
Bananas are a scary price at the market still. As cheap to purchase at supermarkets if you look around so I’ve left them off again. Sadly no ‘salad’ bananas either at the moment.
However…some very tasty produce in this week’s bags:
Savoy Cabbage - 39 crates of 12 count
Parsnip (bagged) - 23 crates of 20 bags
Navel Oranges - 23 crates of 20kg
Export Grade Gold Kiwi - 65 boxes of 6 kg
Butterkin - 29 crates of 16 count
Pears - 21 crates of 20kg
Avocado - 5 crates of 100 count
Apples (NZ Queen, red and sweet) - 15 crates of 18kg

Cheers for now

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