Tuesday, 2 August 2016

For Delivery 3rd Aug 2016

Morning all
Looks to be a big chill coming. Time for a winter soup I think.
Time too for a break out of hot lemon drinks. Fortunately the kind folk of Whangarei have been gathering citrus for us again. Later this week over 6 tonne of produce arrives. Most of this will be distributed through the Foodtogether Packing Hubs around Canterbury early next week. Look out for lemons and grapefruit in particular.

Produce arriving tomorrow.
Butternut Pumpkin - 23 crates of 20 count
Onions - 39 crates of 12 bags (1.5kg)
Gourmet Potatoes - 58 bags of 8 count (2kg)
Oranges - 23 crates of 20kg
Green Kiwi - 58 boxes of 6kg (sweet green Kiwi Kiss)
Bok Choy - 23 crates of 10kg
Brussel Sprouts - 23 crates of 10kg
Bananas - 26 boxes of 18kg

Wrap up and stay warm!
Cheers for now

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