Tuesday, 13 September 2016

For Delivery 14th Sept 2016

Spring onions are included in today’s purchase. A hint of Spring. Next week I’m trying for lettuce. Great to see the longer days and with it will come a greater variety of produce.

Oranges (NZ Navel) - 20 crates of 20kg
Brussel Sprouts - 20 crates of 10kg (don’t forget to reeve the outer leaves if you prefer a milder tasting sprout. Also good rolled in honey and a little melted butter post cooking)
Apples (NZ Rose) - 22 crates of 18kg
Spring Onions - 10 crates of 40 bunches
Pumpkin (Crown cut and wrapped) - 17 crates of 24 pieces 
Carrots (1.5kg bags) - 40 crates of 10 bags
Bananas (loose) - 22 boxes of 18kg
Gold Kiwifruit - 12 crates of 15kg


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