Tuesday, 20 September 2016

For Delivery 21 Sept 2016

Morning all
With a hint of warmer weather we’re responding this week with a taste of summer. Hydro lettuce are on the menu, along with avocado and Capsicum. After hitting sky high pieces earlier in the year avocado have reversed in cost They’re plentiful and heading down in price.

Look forward to the following in this week’s packs:
Hydro lettuce - 34 crates of 12 count (in sleeves)
Mandarins - 20 crates of 20kg
Parsnips - 15 crates of 20kg
Bananas (loose) - 23 boxes of 18kg
Avocado - 9 crates of 140 count (3 each with a few spare)
Green Kiwifruit - 18 crates of 20kg
Swede - 17 crates of 24 count
Red Capsicum - 11 boxes of 5kg (1 capsicum each)

Happy packing

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