Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Special offers for Christmas and January

If you would like to pay $10 extra for your weekly order on 14 December then you will receive an additional pack of veges/fruit with a Christmas flavour on 21 December then you will get the extras in a red bag.

Background and details
(1)  $18 packs;   Under Cathy's leadership we have been trialing an $18 pack through some of our hubs.  This is effectively a $13 pack with an additional $5 worth of vegetables.  We have been selling about 25 of these each week.  Orders placed this week (7 December) will be the final orders for the year and will be delivered on 14 December.

(2) $23 Christmas pack:  Thanks to Linda's work we are using the same idea as the $18 packs and offering a $23 pack for delivery on 21 December.  Orders are being finalised on 14 December.  As usual we do not know what will be in the packs (either the $13 basic pack of the $10 Christmas supplement in the red bag) but we do know that veges and fruit go up in price enormously in the week before Christmas - and whatever we get will be good value and it will be different from what we get in the $13 basic pack.

(3) How to order the $23 pack:  There are two possible ways
  • if your hub coordinator is able to take your order on 14th then simply pay your additional money in the usual way. 
  • if your hub coordinator is not able to take your order then you should email [email protected] by Monday 12th so that we can arrange for your to order to go through the Virtual Hub.  
(4) Orders for January:  
  • Orders for 4 January must be made on 21 December as normal and from there on you continue to pay a week in advance for any orders.
  • There is no $18 pack available for 4, 11, 18, 25 January.  This is because we need the numbers to be in the 20s in order to be economical. If you pay $18 on 25 January then you will get the vegetable supplement in the first week of February.  
(5) If your hub is not operating during the school holidays then you are welcome to order through the Virtual Hub.  This generally means you pay by internet banking and sort out how to collect your order from a suitable location.  All that is needed is to contact the Virtual Hub be emailing [email protected]  Please include a phone number so that we can ring you to sort out details.

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