Tuesday, 10 January 2017

For Delivery 11th Jan 2017

Morning all
This week’s packs will look superb. Nice to have some summer variety. Included are raspberries - they’re in great condition but ensure you get them into the fridge so they can retain their freshness. This week I’ve posted picks of the produce on the Foodtogether Facebook page. Check it out and flick on to your friends.

Full list is:
Bananas - 14 Boxes of 15 packs
Capsicum (pre- packed) - 9 crates of 26 packs
Beans (pre- packed) - 10 crates of 20 packs
Beans - 1 crate of 10kg (could only get 200 pre-packs so 6 folk will need to get loose)
Gourmet Potatoes (pre- packed) - 27 bags of 8 x 2kg packs
Tomatoes - 8 crates of 14kg
Raspberries (pre- packed) - 5 crates of 48 packs
Green Kiwifruit (pre- packed) - 11 crates of 20 packs


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