Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Produce for 18 January

Morning all
We’re into corn this week. It’s too early for locally grown cobs but we’ve secured some super dooper product from the top of the North Island. 
Beans too this week and courgette. Great sliced (courgette) and cooked on the barbecue. And check out this week’s oranges. They’re super sweet.
So…the full list for tomorrow’s delivery:

Corn - 23 crates of 40 cobs
Beans - 10 crates of 10kg (loose)
Courgette - 8 crates of 15kg
Tomatoes - 15 crates of 14kg
Peaches - 15 crates of 15kg
Bananas - 17 boxes of 18kg (loose)
Oranges - 10 crates of 20kg
Blueberries - 25 boxes of 12 punnets

Good eating!

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