Tuesday, 21 February 2017

For Delivery 22nd Feb 2017

Greetings all
Cauliflower appears again this week. I don’t think we’ve had these in the packs since last November. Plums again. Lovely and sweet. Rockmelons too. They’re eating really well at the moment. Royal Gala apples are also in the packs. Apple price is still up there but it’s nice to enjoy them early on when they’re sweet and crisp.

Total list is:
Courgette - 18 crates of 15kg (crate number and weight may vary depending on what the market has available. Could also be some yellow courgette)
Cauliflower - 75 crates of 5 count
Plums - 18 crates of 15kg
Rockmelon - 25 crates
Carrots (loose) - 15 crates of 20kg
Bananas - 25 boxes of 15 packs of 15 count (may be more green than normal but they will ripen up) 
Apples (Royal Gala) - 17 crates of 18kg

And the Extras!

Tomato - 2 x 15kg crates
Broccoli - 1 x 30 count crate
Leeks - 1 x 30 count crate
Red Capsicum - 1 x 40 count 


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