Tuesday, 7 March 2017

For Delivery 8th Mar 2017

Morning all Agria potatoes are in the bags this week. If you’re a fan of roast potatoes, try boiling first until soft. Drain, shake the potatoes around in the pan to break them up a bit, then pop in a roasting pan with a good helping of olive oil and flaky salt. Roast on a high temperature, turning reasonably often to get the oil soaking into the broken edges. You’ll end up with the crunchiest roast potatoes in the world! And remember…it’s pretty hard to overcook a roast potato. List of this week’s goodies: Broccoli - 15 crates of 25 count Bananas (loose) - 21 boxes of 18kg Agria potatoes - 38 bags of 10kg Pears - 10 crates of 20kg Corn - 38 crates of 30 count Courgette - 13 crates of 15kg Red Capsicum - 6 crates of 10kg Oranges - 19 crates of 20kg Avocado - 8 crates of 100 count EXTRAS: Tomatoes - 2 crates of 14kg Celery - 2 crates of 16 count Lettuce - 3 crates of 10 count Enjoy! Craig

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