Tuesday, 11 April 2017

For Delivery 12 April 2017

Plenty in the bags this week.
The last of the corn for this season. Grapes, pineapples apples (new Honey Crunch) and oranges (imported) make up the fruit side with plenty of greens on the veg - lettuce and celery. Try the celery raw with cream cheese or peanut butter - very yummy.

Full list is:
Lettuce (Cos in sleeves) - 25 crates of 15 count
Celery - 24 crates of 16 count
Pineapples - 47 boxes of 8 count
Onions - 10 crates of 20kg loose
Apples (Honey crunch) - 2 x 300kg bins 
Carrots - 15 crates of 14kg
Corn - 37 crates of 30 count
Oranges (imported) 19 boxes of 18.5kg
Grapes - 50 trays of 9 count (will need to take out a few bad grapes and also balance up weights in some cases)

Beetroot - 2 crates of 20kg
Tomatoes - 2 crates of 15kg
Sweet Palermo Capsicum in packs of two (very few pips) - 2 crates of 20 packs


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